• 4 tip sizes for ALL surgeries and sores.
  • Specifically designed to crown over the wound area, protects from painful brush contact.
  • Patented adjustable goose-neck variable position arm.
  • Comfortable handle and thumb grip.

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During a recent study conducted with 700 patients, 92% patients found Mouth•Mate easy to use and improved their hygiene and recovery.


NOW there is a new preventive product that can decrease complications and increase healing at home by brushing without fear or causing pain near after any dental procedure. Improve your recovery and feel better faster!

Static_Large-U_01_withLogoMouth•Mate protects a surgical site and also retracts near a challenged area after a dental procedure, improving oral health at home.

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Mouth•Mate Protects and Provides Comfort and Increases Healing!

Patient_Man_01Most dental patients commonly experience some anxiety or dental dread before or after a procedure. Other than gauze pads and medication, patients don’t have any help at home during recovery to make them more comfortable and help them heal – until now! Introducing Mouth•Mate™, the first patented product specifically designed to comfortably cover any wound, anywhere in the mouth while brushing your teeth. Developed by leading oral surgeons and made in the U.S.A., Mouth•Mate simply helps patients brush their teeth using their own toothbrush to gently protect wounds or mouth sores while brushing – which is one of the most important aspects of minimizing infection risk and promoting faster healing.

Patient_Man_02Mouth•Mate Retracts and Provides Access, Visibility and Focus!

Mouth•Mate extends the care from the dental office in your home by improving oral hygiene after any dental procedure. We all know that a clean mouth heals faster. Retraction anywhere in your mouth also provides better visibility and access when brushing your teeth, especially after a surgical procedure, deep cleaning or new dental braces. But brushing your teeth when you have had a simple or extensive dental procedure of any kind can make brushing scary, painful, and seem impossible. Mouth•Mate removes patient’s fear of brushing, and helps patients do a much better job because it protects and retracts the area while brushing. In a recent 700 patient trial, Mouth•Mate earned a 92% patient satisfaction rate!

Mouth•Mate puts the recovery and healing in your hands by helping to…

  • Empower your healing at home so you feel better and return to your normal life faster.
  • Eliminate pain while you brush as you heal.
  • Protect the surgical site and prevent complications!
  • Retract and provide easier access to clean more thoroughly and decrease plaque
  • Help reduce inflammation, infection risk, and pain.
  • Reduce the hassles of follow-up calls and office visits.


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